Petaluma San Serif
Petaluma San Serif

Petaluma San Serif

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Put the 'sands' in sans serif with Petaluma, a modern update of retro fonts found on beach signs up and down the California coast. Petaluma is a classic Northern Californian surf  town 25 minutes from Bodega Bay. History buffs may remember George Lucas filmed American Graffiti in downtown Petaluma. Even geekier history buffs may know the film, Back to the Future was going to be filmed in Petaluma but ultimately ended up on a lot in Hollywood.

Locals will tell you Petaluma has a rich history walking the line between the past and the future. The town was built on the edge of agricultural and technology. At one point, Petaluma was the largest producer of eggs in America.

To celebrate the balance of past and future, we bring you the versatile Petaluma font to be used in a wide range of applications. The letter forms land somewhere between type you'd see on vintage California license plates, and beach signage.


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✔  Petaluma Bold

✔ Petaluma Bold Italic

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